in the World of Finance Round and Shaken by Scandal

It became promised to show up on the end of days due to the fact the economic system on which the sector is run changed into added by way of the only with the number 666. His name is Constantine and he set up the Catholic Church in 325 AD and positioned up the photo of Jesus Christ, which was the begin of Christianity. My expertise comes from the Spirit of the Universe, the actual God, which changed into supplanted by means of the false gods of religions.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong hyperlink to the Spirit it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness that religions have created. It then poured within the information to apprehend from whence all things of modern existence are derived.

The start line changed into Babylon where guys noticed the sun-celebrity of brilliant colored rings of moving light as a god. They stylised it into a girl that they taken into consideration they might marry by death on the cross, that's one of the symbols made while the superstar paperwork.

In a imaginative and prescient the Spirit confirmed how this passed off. It become of a set on a hill who stared toward a rock held aloft which contained a small hole inside the center of it. As the dawn's rays penetrated it they dispersed into the picture and the people fell to their knees in awe.

They name the image 'Ma-r-y' or 'Mari', which inside the vintage language method 'mom's effective eye' and that they considered they could 'marry' it via demise on the go at sunrise and growing with the light. To absolutely recognize that one must do not forget the less educated and superstitious mind that taken into consideration magic as a manner of achieving their dreams. Money is a part of that magic.

The traditions of Babylon had been taken to the world via the Amors who built Roma (opposite Amor) and one in every of them became Constantine. He kept all of the old traditions while building new systems of government, regulation, military, inheritance, and finance. In Revelation 13:17 it states that "no guy would possibly buy or promote, save that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his call"

The financial international is probably reeling from the scandals emerging from the so-referred to as Panama Papers however this turned into in the plan of God to expose that every one matters created through Constantine are corrupt and not of God. The financial system is in dire straits because it became invented via guy and has no energy to survive the forces that are now coming towards it.

Reincarnation is truth and now the arena is coming to grips with the massive spike in populace that proves each person is returning who has lived. The matters of the beasts of Revelation are being overturned by the Mountain of God that is the Internet promised to appear inside the ultimate days to spread the fact (Micah four:1).

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